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Stories about Sustainability: Natur-Bag and PakTech

Sustainability Stories - Nature bag and Paktech

As sustainability continues to be a growing focus for our customers, we love sharing stories about companies that offer uniquely sustainable products. In this month’s feature, we are sharing compostable bags from Natur-Bag and can carriers made from repurposed materials by PackTech.

Natur-Bag Can Liners

With Natur-Bag’s compostable can liner products, WCP Solutions helped our clients divert more than 23,766,361 pounds of food scraps and organics from landfills in 2020. Compostable liners are engineered with the purpose of collecting and diverting food scraps and other organics from landfills, instead of sending them to a composting facility. Without this diversion to composting facilities, food scraps in standard garbage bags in landfills off-gas methane which is harmful to the environment. Natur-Bag’s product is fully biodegradable in composting environments at the same rate of the organic material around it and allows for full integration into the organic waste stream.

As a company, Natur-Tec offers a broad bioplastics portfolio that spans flexible film, rigid injection molded materials, and engineered plastics. Their biopolymer resins are engineered for high performance and the company’s development of innovative alternatives to conventional plastics is shaping their sustainability story daily. [Source: Natur-Tec]

CO2 Saved per year - Infographic

View Natur-Bag / WCP Infographic

PakTech handles are made from recycled containers like milk jugs, water jugs, juice containers and unpigmented household containers. In 2020, WCP Solutions sold enough Paktech handles to repurpose 3,613,083 recycled containers!

By repurposing recycled plastic (rHDPE) into new Paktech Handles, the company has:

  • Repurposed over a half-billion recycled containers (606,047,321 to be exact) into handles – That equates to enough milk jugs to wrap around the earth 3.75 times!
  • Saved 80,166,345 pounds of plastic from landfills and oceans – That equates to 3206 school buses.
  • Saved 31 Acres of Land from landfill waste by repurposing recycled containers into PakTech products. – That equates to 31 football fields.

Using Paktech handles for your business allows recycled material to gain a new life in handles for beverage containers and can be a great sustainable product to add to your WCP shopping list! [Source PakTech]

We Can Help!

Unsure about what sustainable products might be right for your business? Contact your local WCP account manager or customer service team. We’d be happy to set up a consultation and help you find the products to meet your sustainable goals. Give us a call today at (877) 398-3030.

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