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Our variety of paper choices are of the highest quality with an extensive selection that fulfills the needs of an array of applications and equipment.



WCP Solutions can provide you with paper solutions that meet your printing project and business needs. Whether your needs are for internal business communications, business or product marketing, commercial printing, or environmental initiatives – we carry a wide variety locally in stock to meet your needs.


From business envelopes, to remittance, specialty and security envelopes, to credit card sleeves, CD mailers and more.



We cary substrates for Aqueous, Solvent and UV wide format Printers.

PerfectFit – Custom Sheeting and Converting Products

WCP Solutions understands that one size does not fit all, particularly when it comes to your projects. That is why we offer PerfectFit®.

PerfectFit® is our brand for custom paper and board sheeting. Through our PerfectFit® operation, we produce custom-sized paper or board stock that has been sheeted to specifications unique to the printer’s job.

Our Equipment and Processes:

Our trained and experienced staff run a state-of-the-art Maxson sheeter and employ higher than mill standard assurance checks throughout the process. Our customer’s satisfaction with each job is paramount and our assurance checks help to ensure high quality product and on-press performance reliability.


Work with a printing specialist and sample coordinator to find the perfect paper for your application. Contact your local division for more information, to set-up an appointment, and inquire about  samples and dummies. (Available in select locations) 


Use these tools and resources to evaluate your paper project and find the perfect solution for your application.